Meeting Zubeida Jafffer, an iconic #GirlBoss

Something remarkable happened to me yesterday, something that sent me on my way with the feeling of a white cloud settling underneath the skin of my chest. When I crossed the road off of Rhodes University campus, Zubeida Jaffer recognised me, smiled at me and asked me how I was doing.

Ever since I read #GirlBoss, figuring out how to channel my inner #GirlBoss has seized my thoughts on a loop. I want nothing more. Zubeida Jaffer is the quintessence of a #GirlBoss – especially in the field I am pursuing.

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Verbose: #Girl Boss – yes, girl.

Lately I have been feeling very unimpressed with how studious I have not been. My lack of progress in furthering my career is discouraging. But I have not had the motivation to change any of that either – which only perpetuates how unimpressed with myself I get.

When I saw someone in my Journalism class with #GirlBoss next to her, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I had heard it was a good book and with such a provocative title, I strongly felt that would be the push I needed. Thanks, Khinali, for lending this gem to me.

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Check yourself(ie)

[May this be the first and last time I talk about Kim Kardashian on this blog.]

Yesterday I saw this response to the recent uprise that ensued after she shared a self-censored nude selfie (nudie?) on Instagram. I laughed – but mostly at the phrase “thick as oatmeal”. I thought that was a beautiful use of the English language.


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Why would Liz Wheeler have the answer for us?

Recently,  I’ve been seeing this video being fervently shared by my peers on Facebook.


South Africans, stop it. Stop trying to apply this Liz Wheeler’s line of logic to our very specific predicament.

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