Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa. Ironically, this year has been the first time in my memory when I felt it was celebrated accordingly. We challenged how much freedom actually exists in our society. We challenged the freedom people have over their own bodies.

On the 17th of April, students of Rhodes University stood up and did a courageous and necessary thing. They started actively protesting against the rape culture that thrives on campus.

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Connecting in the 21st century


Two years ago, a lecturer asked my Journalism class if we felt that social media platforms were a useful tool for people to reach out to each other. Someone contributed to the discussion, saying that he felt it provided a useful space for people across the globe to interact and communicate with each other. I thoroughly disagreed. In theory, that is exactly how social media should benefit us. It should help us understand each other, but interacting with individuals we could not otherwise now have. But I was in the midst of Facebook sabbatical at the time – I needed a break from the experience of seeing thousands of people seemingly shouting at each other in a cyber-void.

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South Africa cannot be better as long he is in charge

Since the end of last year, South Africans began voicing their exasperation with Jacob Zuma, our president who is currently serving his second term as president. South Africans want him out now, and have expressed this through billboards, marches, viral memes and posts across social media platforms. Perhaps this mutual hatred of Zuma has even sparked new friendships, who can say.

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