Verbose: “12 Ways to Fake Confidence, As Told By Someone Who Fakes It All the Time”


(Verbose is a series that aims helping me understand the way other people write, so that I can be a better writer myself. Feel free to skip if you are not too interested in what I am reading.)

Perhaps I have acquired an obsessions for readings will help me achieve #GirlBoss level. Today, I found myself reading “12 Ways to Fake Confidence, As Told By Someone Who Fakes It All the Time” by Jordan Cross.

Usually, self-motivation articles tell you how to obtain genuine confidence. From the beginning, Cross let me know that that was not the case. That is what enticed me into reading more – it seemed like something I can take more from.

Being confident is incredibly challenging; it is an act of pursuit every day. Additionally, it would appear that the evolution of social media has made it that much harder to improve our self-esteems. So I think it is too idealistic to suggest that someone can make this change by one article. Everyone has their own unique cases that lead to a struggle for confidence, and it is unlikely that one person can reach out to everyone’s dynamic. I like that she used the rules of “fake it ‘til you make it” – a plan I think we are all familiar with – and applied it to her confidence. It seems more of a plan of action I could pursue. Because I feel like it is more useful approach, I was more inclined to read the article.

The listicle format of the information and advice works well for this subject. By breaking it down into bullet-pointed steps and adding some explanatory information along with him, it really helps drive the points home. Paragraphs would have clouded the clarity of the advice. I think the advice itself is quite useful, so I definitely would not want that.

Cross is relatable, and I feel that nothing is more important a factor when it comes to advice (besides wisdom, of course). She is not a super famous writer; she seems to have just gotten her foot in the door. She is not a successful business woman that appears to live in a world so different to mine, it may as well exist in a parallel universe. She struggles with her confidence and her self-esteem levels – just like I do. She falls and gets back up again. Initially, the conversational tone of the writing annoyed me. Realistically though, it does add to the how relatable her situation is.


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