Our secret weapon is laughing

I grew up with dad jokes, I grew up watching Friends, I grew up watching stand-up comedy shows. I grew up laughing. I had a happy childhood. I cannot believe that it is just a coincidence that I grew up to be an optimistic, adaptable person.

I definitely did not laugh in isolation. I never feel closer to someone than I do than when we are laughing at something together. A ridiculous YouTube video, a clumsy slip of spoonerism, an accidental fart, doggies in people clothes – it does not matter much. All my favourite people make me laugh constantly, though few of them are actually comedic geniuses.

I am a part of my big family’s WhatsApp group, and because we rarely get the opportunity to intrude each other’s spatial boundaries, we use this to keep in touch. Few serious notifications are not tainted by terrible dad jokes and puns that nobody needed. It is taxing to take up to 128 messages from a feed that goes pear-shaped from message #3 onward, but I’d take that over completely missing out on it all.

Not only is humor necessary to protect ourselves the shitstorms life thrusts in our direction, but it helps us appreciate who are allies are. Nothing is more reassuring, or gives you more vigor, than knowing that someone you adore is laughing alongside you.

When I saw this tweet, I though, “YES”.

Not, ‘yassss’. One classic, timeless and confident yes.

That is what I want, not just from a lifelong romantic partner but from the company I surround myself with. Always. Almost everything else can be compromised on.


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