Verbose: The Guardian’s review of ‘Not That Kind of Girl’

(Verbose is a series that aims helping me understand the way other people write, so that I can be a better writer myself. Feel free to skip if you are not too interested in what I am reading.)

Lately, I have been watching Girls. I realise that I am years behind, but it is now exam time. No need for elaboration.

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I had heard a lot about it. Lots of people I admire claimed it was brilliant; fresh and respectable. I do not know much about Lena Dunham, but I have vague knowledge that she represents feminism in pop culture. Continue reading “Verbose: The Guardian’s review of ‘Not That Kind of Girl’”


How proud of beauty habits can we be?

I am not an avid vlogger fan, but occasionally Kalel’s videos titles grab my attention. Kalel is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, whose vegan food tasting videos initially caught my interest. Recently, Kalel has gotten a nose job and she has decided to be quite transparent about it on her YouTube channel.

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