It’s anti-feministic to vote Hillary in

I know, I’m not American. In fact, I just recently learnt exactly how American politics work (and I probably should be more embarrassed about this than I am). But when the United States of America has such a dominant influence on the rest of the world, you take notice.

None of the candidates from these elections have looked promising. Even the liberal side doesn’t encompass the forward-thinking notions that America (and the rest of the world) needs. Sure, they may not be vomiting out all the hateful “honesty” that a particular candidate has been spewing. But I have yet to have seen one that talk about the catalogue of issues Americans need to address (and fix). Finally, after all these months, it boils down to Trump versus Clinton.


The next four to eight years are going to be difficult for Americans, regardless of whoever wins. On one hand we have a ‘smart businessman’ (who has managed to bankrupt multiple businesses) who is a blatant racist, misogynistic (probable) sociopath whose main credit is that he is transparent about his blatant racist, misogynistic and (probable) sociopathic views and intentions. On the other, you have a snake whose alliances are with 1% of Americans – the wealthiest.  Her main credit is that… she is a woman?

I have seen so many posts claiming that it is about time a woman becomes the head of the White House. While it is true that politics is still mostly a man’s world and that more women need to be given the opportunities to be influential leaders – Hillary Clinton should not become the head of the White House.

She seems to be the lesser of two evils (marginally). But that does not mean she is fit to become a good president. Scrutinise what she says like you would with a male candidate, and it will become apparent. She’s not a good person. She’s just saying the buzzword phrases the public wants to hear; phrases that, when you look into it, are abstract and generalised goals, not real plans. She does not have the interests of your average American at heart. Sorry Elizabeth Banks and co., but a vivacious fight song does not take that away. To say that she should start a revolution of woman taking charge is frankly an insult to what feminism has stood for.

Ideologies behind feminism stand for women finally being truly equal to men. Truly – in every way. That means being judged and criticised equally, too. On her character, on her intentions, by her promises, by what she does not say, by her leadership abilities. To say Hillary Clinton should become the next president of the United States of America is stripping away her humanity and reducing her to the one dimensional aspect of her gender identity.

And that’s the principle of the problem that got us here in the first place, ladies.

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